Our discussions are facilitated via our private SLO Seed Exchange Google Group. You will need a google account to join the group, but you do NOT need a gmail account (you can use any email address you’d like).

If you don’t already have a google account, creating one is a very simple process — basically entering your name and email address and choosing a password. All you have to do is click on the link to our SLO Seed Exchange Google Group, click “Sign In”, then click “Sign Up” (red button at top right of screen).

If you have a google account, just click on the link to our SLO Seed Exchange Google Group, sign in, and click “Apply for membership”. You may have to wait for your access to be activated since requests to join this group are not processed automatically – they must first be approved manually by our admin team.

Why Google Groups?  Unlike Facebook in which posts become buried and inaccessible quickly, Google Groups functions more like a forum in which topics can be created and more easiy referred to long after they were originally posted.  You can also customize your personal settings so you receive discussion threads from this group via email.