July Seed Savers Special Meeting Topic & Location: “IN THE FIELD” harvesting, threshing, cleaning, and storing seeds…

We have an exciting opportunity this week for some hands-on experience in seed saving.  This month’s meeting will be led by John DeRosier and held “in the field” just outside SLO.  We’ll meet at the regular time, Tuesday July 9th, 6-8 pm, to cover harvesting, threshing, cleaning, and storing seeds.  Please note there is no potluck this week, but feel free to bring a light refreshment if you like.  And please dress to spend the evening outdoors; the field is just off LOVR, and tends to get a bit windy and chilly. Per John:  This will be a hands-on,  “in-the-field” meeting where we will cover the different methods of harvesting, cleaning and storing seeds.  We’ll look at grains this week, but the process is identical for most all the “dry-seed” harvesting  plants.

Map of route from LOVR and Foothill to Site: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=216975017997915434610.0004e0f2626100fd97398&msa=0

Directions: From SLO: take Los Osos Valley Road (“LOVR”)past Foothill, as if driving to Los Osos.    From Foothill Road, LOVR begins with a single lane in each direction.  Soon you will be cresting a small hill and starting to head down towards Los Osos.  When this (west bound) lane splits into two (“passing lane”), continue about another quarter mile until you come to 6005 (Los Osos Valley Road).  You will be turning LEFT across traffic; the farm boarders LOVR.  The driveway will be next to a row of conifer trees and the start of a long line of Eucalyptus trees on the LEFT-HAND (south) side of LOVR.  Please be very careful slowing down and crossing over on-coming traffic.  If the lane goes back to one lane you have gone too far.  The next place to turn around safely will be Turri Road.

The driveway is gravel, please drive slowly.  Once on the driveway, make a left turn at the first opportunity between two fields (the field on your left will be green and most likely have sheep in it).  Do not continue up to the houses, we’ll meet in the field.  Continue about 500 feet and turn left into an area with equipment.